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CiiC 2nd Annual

Salina sits in the central part of our beautiful state. We feel that leadership in improvement and innovation also needs to sit in the central part of our state. All organizations strive to produce results, but producing short-term results does little to move us toward our goals. Product quality, service superiority, and increased contribution to the bottom line are all marks of organizational excellence. 

ExporTech - WSU Metroplex (29th and Oliver), Room 132, Wichita, KS

Session 1: Export Strategy & Best Practices. Session 2: Mechanics of Exporting. Session 3: Export Growth Plan Presentations. Note: Each company can bring 1-3 people, but at least one of them has to be a C-Level person.

Contact Maribel Asensio for more information: 785.344.6870 or masensio@mamtc.com


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